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Our team of experts provide advise tailored to meet the specific needs of your company. 

There are several cost effective options/ prices/packages available based on your needs:

  • Fixed-fee projects - Pay per project -  contact for prices
  • Service prices HR retainer - Incase you consulted with us and decided that you require ongoing HR services we will be available on phone, email, chats unlimited amount of time per your needs. Monthly packages 
  • Consult per hour for any advise available by NGUBA CONSULTANCY services. $50/hour
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HR Administration:

•Job descriptions creation/updating;Customized employment agreement/ offer letter

•Employee handbook (New/Updates)

. Term Letters/Exit interviews

. Work from home policies

Compensation & Benefits:

.Payroll Processing

.Reconciliations & Reporting

.Payroll Tax management






As a third party, NGUBA CONSULTANCY will ensures that we provide services that are compliant with the Federal, State, & local government. We will provide an objective perspective on current functioning of your company HR processes and help identify gaps, opportunities and priorities in areas like 

•Employee engagement/relations, employee record/filling, retention strategies, hiring processes, training and development, performance management, compliance, and organization culture




With diverse experiences and expertise within the team, NGUBA CONSULTANCY offers advice on possible HRMS software tailored specifically to meet your company's needs.


We are here to make sure that you choose the right HRIS that fits your goal, objective, mission and values. 



NGUBA CONSULTANCY support its clients with the following:

•Outsource for the best talent in the market

•Select qualified candidates

•Interview and perform assessments

• Employment verification

• Make offers to candidates

• Perform pre-employment background checks, drug screen and others as needed

• Onboarding new employees


It is vital to recognize the employees who are performing well and also support those are are still not up to task. A performance management system hence becomes effective tool that ensures goals are being met in an effective and efficient manner. NGUBA CONSULTANCY is great at

•Designing effective performance management system

•Monitoring the performance management system process to its implementation

• Follow up with implementation and ensuring consistency of utilization of the system to improve productivity and increase revenue.


At NGUBA CONSULTANCY, we believe in personal growth of employees. We believe in developing employees to be reliable ambassadors of the company because employees are a fundamental part of any organizational success. As a result, we offers

•leadership and Management Training

•Intervention and organizational change

• Succession Planning

•Conflict Resolution and Management 

• Harassment

•Organizational behavior and Change

• HR Legal & Ethical Issues

•Social Media & Collaborative Information    Systems e.t.c.




Delivering Package

Hourly Consultation


Per Hour

Any HR Service


NGUBA CONSULTANCY welcomes everyone to join us. We do not discriminate customers/clients on basis of industry, region, or business status.

Schedule a No-Obligation 1st Free Consultation with us.

Work Hours: Monday - Friday 9:00am. - 5:00pm

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